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Unita 7 看电影




why didn't youcome to the cinema yesterday? It was just a good movie.

But you know I hada lot to study for this morning's test.

Pity, it was apsychological thriller that you like.

Damn! Come on, tell me a little bit.

Well, the protagonist, Robert, met Greta, a beautiful Swissactress. At the beginning everything was fine, since when one day he realizedthat Greta had some secret.

She had another, eh?

Wait! Sometimes he disappeared and when he came back hedidn't feel like talking.

And did not he ask explanation?

Of course, but she always had a ready excuse: an appointmentwith her manager, a contract and so on. One night, however, while watching tv,her cellphone rang. She answered and went out at once. But this time Robertfollowed Greta to find out the truth.

And what did he find out? Another man, no?

No! She simply went to a psychologist! She practically liveda double life: She believed he was another person.

I understood. And how is the end of the story?

She with【ITALIANO】一个操练意大利语白话的笨办法(下) Robert's help seemed to be fine and they evendecided to get married. But just one day before the wedding, she disappearedagain!



you know, I often think about our holidays in Sicily.

do you know that I often think about it too? Do you rememberthat laughters?

Of course!

And then, those guys we met ...... what were they called?

I don’t quite remember.

come on! Don't you remember the tall one, with glasses ...what was his name.

Ah,yes Pietro. What type! Strong!

yes, you remember when he hid your bag while taking a bath?

And when did we hide his bathing suit? So funny.




How did you meet Gennaro?

So ... it was a June evening. It was 7am and I was expectingtwo friends out of the cinema. While I was there, I noticed a boy who was alsowaiting for him: Gennaro. It was beautiful. he had short hair, he wore jeans and alight blue shirt and he was sitting on a Vespa. He seemed nervous and keptlooking at his watch and then at me. My friends were late and so was hercompany. I realized he was talking to me, but he was a little shy.

in the end, we entered the cinema and since then ... we aretogether.




What do you think about Nanni Moretti?

In my opinion, he is a excellent director. My dear diary, Ireally liked it.

I agree with you. So much so that he won the prize for bestdirector at the Cannes festival


Do you like all Fellini's movies?

Yes,they are brilliant. But for me the best is Amarcord.

Ah, I don’t agree. I prefer the sweet life.


Nice film, but certainly not the best of Benigni.

You are right. Life is Beautiful I liked it better.


Rosaria says that Sofia Loren won an Oscar for best actress.

it's really true ! for La Ciociare if I'm not wrong. what anice film.

Yes, I think so.




Giuseppe Tornatore:

In the beautiful and autobiographical Nuovo Cinema Paradisothe director Giuseppe Tornatore tells the story of a cinema in a small town inSicily in the 50s. His film The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean was also verymuch appreciated.


Gabriele Salvatores:

Gabriele Salvatores won the Oscar for best foreign film withthe Mediterranean in 1992. Another his important film is I am not afraid.


Nanni Moretti is a director and actor. He also became famousabroad thanks to Dear Diary, a parody of modern Italy told through the life ofthe protagonist, played by Moretti himself.


Massimo Troisi:

In the beautiful Il postino Massimo Troisi tries to conquerthe fascinating Maria Grazia Cucinotta with the help of the Chilean poet PabloNeruda. A film that has been successful worldwide. The directors Gianni Amelio, CarloVerdone and Leonardo Pieraccioni are also very appreciated. The trio Aldo,Giovanni and Giacomo make highly successful comedies.


Roberto Benigni:

The Oscar-winner Roberto Benigni represents a very sp【ITALIANO】一个操练意大利语白话的笨办法(下)ecialcase: he is not only a phenomenal comedian (and a great telecommunicationshowman), but also the director of his films which, usually, break the collectionrecords.


Marcello Mastroianni:

One of the most famous Italian faces in the world, he hasshot more than 150 films. These include:I soliti ignoti di Monicelli……and manyothers shot with Fellini.


Sofia Loren: Neapolitan, symbol of Mediterranean beauty. Shewas the first woman to win the Oscar for a non-American film in 1961, with Laciociara di De Sica. He has acted in important international films, while thecomedies with Mastroianni are unforgettable: Yesterday, today and tomorrow,Italian marriage (both by De Sica) etc.


Federico Fellini: one of the most admired directors of theworld. He has won four Oscar for the best foreign movies and one Oscar of thecareer in 1992. Fellini, who passed away in 1993, is considered a genius, apoet of the big screen. He often collaborated with Marcello Mastroianni in hismasterpieces.


Il neorealismo:

One of the most glorious periods of the Italian cinema. It iscalled like this because the directors of this period have tried to give a trueimage of the Italy after the Second World War. Among the most important filmsare Rome Open City filmed by Roberto Rossellini in a Rome still occupied by theNazis and the beautiful Sciusci and Ladri di biciclette by Vittorio De Sica(both won the Oscar for best foreign film).


Unit 8 买食物




Don’t you ever mark the things you have to buy?

No, why?...... I remember them. here is the coffee! Do you take it too?

For strength! Sergio drinks three to four a day.

I buy Lavazza gold quality......

I take Illy: sergio prefers it to other brands. why don't youtry it?

Well, I'll try it ... So ... the cookies……

I always buy these from the Mulino Bianco: Sergio likes themso much. And then this packaging is also economical.

OK, you convinced me, I try them too. Ah, here are the applesyou want to buy.

But Sergio don’t eat green apples, he wants them red. Itdoesn’t matter, I buy bananas.

You also wanted cheese, right?

yes, I take two ounces of Parmigiano Reggiano.

I, generally, take the Grana Padano: it costs less and isgood anyway.

I know it costs less, but Sergio only eats the best.

Of course you treat your Sergio well, eh?




what a pity! Tonight I have to study and I can't go with you.

that anger! Beppe took my scooter two hours ago and he's notback yet!

what a wonderful day! it had been raining for a week ...

How beautiful! finally the exams are over!

Damn! I forgot my keys in the office.

Have you heard? Jovanotti will give two concerts in May.?Do you know that I've never been to one of his concerts?




Good morning Miss, what do you want?

I would like some raw ham. it's good?

Very good! How much do you need?

Two ounces. Anctually, no, I will take three.

Need anything else?

Yes, I want some fresh milk.




What wonderful earrings! Where did you buy them?

I bought them last week from Bulgari.

They are beautiful! I guess you paid them a lot.

In conclusion! I, on the other hand, really like your shoes.

Thank you! They are new. I bought them for Alessia’swedding.What is it?

Nothing……And that Alessia and Fabrizio did not invite me totheir wedding, while I had invited them to mine.

You're not the only one, you know! Remenmber Cristina,Alessia’s cusine? They didn't invite her. And Dino? I didn’t see him.Any old friends, I've seen veryfew.

it's really a shame. I think everyone should be invited to awedding.




1 Did you know that they are going to live together? No, Ididn't know.

2 How did you hear about Alessia's wedding? I heard about itfrom a common friend.

3 Did you know Loredana's sister? yes, I already knew.

4 where did you meet her? I met her at a party.




1 提出协助

May I help you?

Do you want a hand?

How can I help you?

Do you need help/need something?

Can I do something for you?

Can I help you in anyway?


2 承受

Thank you!you are kind!


Thank you so much!


3 回绝

Thank you, it doesn’t matter.

No, thank you, it doesn’t matter.

Thank you, I also do it alone.




Hi Rosa, I'm Monica. How are you?

Good morning, Monica, good ... and you?

Look, I need your help.

what's up?

you know ... I saw a beautiful evening dress in that shop inVia Frattina.

and what do I have to do with it?

Since today there is a strike of public transport and taxis... here ... by chance can you accompany me?

I'm sorry, Monica, but today I can't take you anywhere. MaybeMonday.

But I absolutely have to buy it today! tomorrow there'sAlessia's wedding!

I'm really sorry, but today I can't really accompany you.after class I want to go to that new hypermarket out of town to do theshopping. I have an empty refrigerator!

Mmm ... I understand, it doesn't matter. I will try to callMatthew. Thanks anyway and ... see you soon!





You got the shopping list, right?

yes, I have it ... or at least I hope. What does"hope" mean? I had written all that was missing.

wait for me to check for a moment. No, I do not have it ! Ileft it on the kitchen stove.

Ugh! Always the same story. Now how do I remember everything:do we have tomatoes or don't we have them? Good thing you didn't forget yourhouse keys too. ...... Why do you look at me like this ?! do you have them ordon't you have the keys?

I can not find them. Unbelievable! I forgot my keys too!Sorry love!




1 Do you have a residence permit? Yes I have.

2 Do you have a credit card? no, I don't have it yet.

3 Do you have our passports? yes, I have them.

4 Do you have my keys? no, I'm sorry, I don't have them.

5 Is there any wine? yes, there is a bottle.

6 Is there an ashtray? no, there isn't even one.

7 Are there many tourists in Italy? yes, there are many.

8 Are there enough green olives? There are, but few.




Italians are generally attentive to their diet. Moreover, inrecent years more and more people are choosing organic products and DOC, DOPmarks,more expensive, but more natual.

To do the shopping they usually prefer to go to thesupermarket of their area (like Conad, coop, Pam etc.) which has the mostpublicized and known products.

Another type of supermarket is the discount store: they offera great variety of not very advertised products and, therefore, cheaper.

On the outskirts of the cities there are also hypermarkets:they are much larger and it is possible to find everything at affordable prices

The traditional grocery store continues to exist and therelationship between the owner and the customer is less impersonal than thesupermarket.

Many Italians also go to the market, which takes place inevery city in open or closed spaces.

In some markets, in addition to fresh fruit and vegetables,you can find everything: shoes, clothes (new and used), products for the homeetc.

Typical example is that of Porta Portese in Rome which takesplace every Sunday. Other very well-known and large markets, also forexpecting, are those of Montagnola in Bologna and San Lorenzo in Florence.


Parmigiano Reggiano:

it is by far the king of Italian cheeses. Its history is veryancient, born in the Middle Ages (even Boccaccio talks about it in hisDecameron) in the Po Valley.

it is a cheese that is preserved for a long time withoutlosing its qualities which instead increase with the passage of time. After acareful working process it is put in large shapes where it remains for a fewdays.

Then follows the seasoning period in damp rooms. With itsdelicate and tasty flavor at the same time the Parmigiano Reggiano, grated orchopped, is the protagonist of appetizers, first courses, second courses. It isalso a very precious food: energetic but not fat.


Prosciuto di Parma:


The ancient Romans already knew methods to preserve pork andat the end of the 500 we find a process of aging and salting similar to today.

What differentiates this renowned ham from all others is itssweet taste due to the particular seasoning process of the pork legs but aboveall to the mild climate of the Parma area.

Its rosy and tender slices should be savored with all thefat.

A genuine food, balanced in its nutritional aspect, sweet andtasty at the same time, it is ideal for every occasion and every taste.


Mozzarella di bufala:


The real mozzarella is prepared with buffalo milk, more tastyand creamy than that of a cow, but it is thinner.

Symbol of Italy all over the world as a basic ingredient ofpizza, we find it in thousands of recipes of the Mediterranean diet.

The origins of this fresh cheese are lost in legend, when inthe III century. B.C. Hannibal brings buffalo to Italy. Its processing remainslargely artisan. It is preferable to remove it from the refrigerator at leastan hour before serving. Noble cheese has a unique taste.


Unit 9 逛商店




But what have you got? Are not you feeling good?

I feel really destroyed!

You've done the little hours again, eh?

Look, I didn't even want to go out yesterday.

yes, okay, the usual story ... and then?

My cousin called me to invite me to her birthday party.

At his house?

yes, but after we left. Actually I didn't want because everymorning I get up at 7 ... I stayed because he insisted so much!

who? Your cousin?

no, Claudia, a friend of hers. A beautiful girl I met lastnight.

Ahhh ... interesting!

We actually met last year too, but then nothing. Butyesterday we talked for hours.

But what are you doing, studying?

No, she does the job at the Armani store in via dei Condotti.

Ah ... And how did the evening end?

  We went dancing and we had a lot of fun. Then we lefttogether and took her home.


and then nothing! ... I greeted her and went home.

I understood. You're in love!!! And now?

I'll see you tomorrow night.




Buogiorno! I help you?

Buogiorno! I saw a flowered blouse in the window that Ireally like. it's silk, I think.

no, it's a mixed fabric ... let's see: yes viscose andcotton. What color does it want?

That outside is heavenly, isn't it? is there also in white?

I think so; what size door?

The 40.

Let's see ... yes, here it is.

I can try it?

Of course, the dressing room is there, at the bottom on theleft. ... Uhmm, she looks good on you!

Yes, it's true, I really like it! How much?

It costs 69 euros and 90 cents, but there is a 20% discount.So ... 55 euros and 92.

Perfect! I'll take it . Here's to you!




Buogiorno! I would like to see those leather shoes in thewindow.

Those with high heels?

yes, those. Are there also brown or black only?

Both. This model is very fashionable this year.

I know! I see it in all the magazines. Can I try the brownones?

Sure. What number do you have?


A moment I look for them ... Here they are! You are welcome.... Are they good?

Yes, I like them ... they are very soft. How much are they?

98 euros, madam.

Mmm, I thought less. Is there no discount?

I'm sorry, we have fixed prices, the balances are over.

  Mmm ... it doesn't matter, I want to buy her anyway!Accept credit cards, right? Because I don't have enough cash.

Sure why not ?

Very well.















What do you think?

Here is the coat I like. What do you think about it?

Beautiful! How much?

400 euros.

Mah! In my opinion, it's a bit expensive!


We go shopping tomorrow; eh, what美女漠尘微博 do you say.



What do you think of that golf? It seems a little heavy tome.

No, I don't think it's heavy. Indeed, I think it's lightenough.


beautiful this dress! What do you say?

yes, I find it very elegant, though a little classic.




Tell us a little bit: how is student life in Italy?

What do you want to know in particular?

For example, do you have to study a lot?

Clear: if one can pass the exams ... well, he must study.

And do you usually go out a lot?

It depends on the city. In Bologna, for example, where I am,there are very many students and we often go out. Without exaggerating, though!

Ah ... and when does that come out of it, where do you go?

Well, it depends, one can go dancing in a disco, can go to drinkor eat in a tavern, etc. There are many places for young people.

Ah well! And you spend a lot to go out, to go shopping?

Look ... it's definitely not the cheapest city in Italy.However, when you begin to know it ... you will see that it is possible to livewell with little. On the contrary, you can have fun without spending so muchand eat well in the cateen and pay very little.



For many years, Italy has been synonymous of fashion."Made in Italy", an expression of the taste and refinement ofItalians, is one of the most developed sectors of the economy with exportsthroughout the world.


Italians are an elegant people and are very fashionconscious. It is so true that they spend a lot on clothing, even though noteveryone can afford designer clothes. Most of them, in fact, appeal to manyother designers, less known abroad, who offer high quality at lower prices.




Who doesn't know them? Their clothes are found in the bestshops around the world and their shows are often considered important culturalevents. Let's briefly see some of these fashion houses, become real economicempires:



Amani, created by Giorgio Amani, with a style all its own.With its own stores in many large cities it is one of the favorite brands ofmany Hollywood stars. Its entire men’s clothing and its suits are famous.



Valentino has been synonymous with luxury since the 60s andis one of the favorite brands of high society. with many loving customers. Inaddition to classic clothes, he also produces more modern items, jeans, etc.




Italian fashion, however, doesn't just mean clothing. Verywell known are the Luxottica eyewear, which is the largest producer in theworld and collaborates with the most important companies in the sector, bothItalian and foreign.

The Italian jewelery is equally popular. Italy is the world'slargest producer of gold and the imagination of such designers is limitless.

The leather products are, indine, another internationallysuccessful Italian sector.


Unit 10 Che c’ stasera in TV?




What are you watching?

Nothing special, I'm doing some zapping, but in half an hourthere's the game.

Ah ... because there is a broadcast on Channel 5 that I wouldlike to see, if you don't mind.

Let's see ... no, there's still advertising. But what programis it?

It's calle【ITALIANO】一个操练意大利语白话的笨办法(下)d We listen to you and the conductor is very smart.Every week he faces a different social problem. Viewers call and tell themtheir experiences ...

Ugh, Daniela! In my opinion, it is better not to look atthese programs. In reality they only serve to exploit the people they callwithout offering them anything.

it's not true! Last week as a mother of three told of herfinancial difficulties, a gentlem【ITALIANO】一个操练意大利语白话的笨办法(下)an called live and offered her a job. If thisis not helpful ...

Well, in this case ... yes! But what I try to get you tounderstand is that programs like this seem to me to be not very intelligent andare a product of the television subculture ...

Oh yes?! All right! Maybe I'm interested in the subculture.Your sports broadcasts, on the other hand, give you a culture of the highestlevel !!! But please.




Do you loan us your dictionary?

Do you loan me this box?

What he says is not misembralogico.

Do you think that's right?

I'm sorry, but I don't want to help.

Does it bother you if I open a little?

Look, can you do me a favor?

Can you do me a favour?

Can you help me, please?

To tell the truth, I don't feel like going out tonight.




Hello sweetheart! how are you?

So and so, you? I can not hear you well.

It is these cell phones that do not receive well yet. And to thinkthat we are almost zero!

 Patience, Giulio! So what did you do yesterday?

Nothing, I watched TV.

What did you see?

Mah, the usual things: I watched an episode of Asterix, evenif I dislike it.

To me, instead, Asterix likes it. it's so cute ... Then?

There was a documentary I had already seen, but above allthere was the Champions League final between Rome and Carthage. We won ...Forza Romaaa!

Go Rome! Hmmm ... nice slogan! Then what else was there?

A reality show and a soap opera that I don't like at all. ButI never lose the wheel of fortune.

Well, I like it too.

Then I saw an interview with Marcus Antonius of Cicero. Goodboy Antonio, you must know him!

You know I care only for you, love.

I know ! Late in the evening there was also a science fictionfilm: The discovery of America. But what is this America?

it is a continent that, according to legend, is beyond theMediterranean Sea!

Unbelievable! But what di they thinks about these things? Inshort, Roman TV sucks!

Maybe someone has to invent the digital one!




- Nice movie, but how many advertising intervals! -Eh, changethe channel, please!

Have you lost your keys? Look good!

If you find the time, read this article!

Do exercise carefully!

Let's finish this job and go out: I'm really tired!

"Is it hot or is it my idea? -You are right, open thewindow!"

Ezio, don't open the window, please, I'm cold!

Anna, don't take the car today! I need.

We are not late, otherwise my parents can hear them then ?!(这句什么意思)

We do not invite Carla! If he starts talking, he won't endit!

Children, do not shout! Your father is sleeping.

Don't waste time! Hurry up!




Gianna, do you need Panorama?

No, take it too, Alice! Looking for 【ITALIANO】一个操练意大利语白话的笨办法(下)something in particular?

  yes, there must be an article about study holidaysthat interests me. Ah, here it is: can I keep it?

Sure, take it, but don't forget it at home because I haven'tread it yet. but look, if you are only interested in this page, tear it offtoo!


Ready, Laura? I'm Parini, from the editorial office. Pleaseturn me that email with the statistics on newspaper sales.

I don't have it yet. I called Mr. Baldi and he told me thathe is very busy.

So call him again and tell him I need it as soon as possible.


Come on, Lucio, wake up! It's already eight o'clock!

Please, mom! Let me sleep some more!

Come on, get up that you have to go to class!

No lesson?! Today is Sunday!




Television is one of the favorite pastimes of Italians who watch it on average more than three hours a day. There are many TV channels,which we can divide into these categories.


The state channels, or the RAI, born in 1954. State becausethey are under the administration of a council chosen by the government. Thesechannels are funded by a subscription fee, which Italians pay each year, and byadvertising. The RAI, in addition to the three main channels, also has somesatellite channels such as Rai International, Rai Educational, Rai Sport, etc.


Private channels and, above all, the 3 Mediaset networks:Canale 5, Italia 1 and Rete 4- Here the advertising and the messages of thesponsors often interrupt the programs. Another well-known private channel is La7.


Digital, satellite or terrestrial TV: the abonents who havethe decoder can choose from dozens of films, sports broadcasts and channels forall tastes.


Local channels that, in addition to old movies and TV series,present local news and teleshopping programs. Finally, the spread of high-speedInternet and new technologies in Italy also changes the way we watchtelevision.





Italians don't read the newspaper much compared to otherEuropeans. In spite of this there are more than 60 publications, some withnational distribution and many with regional character.


Corriere della Sera and la Repubblica are the best-sellingnewspapers, with an average of 700,000 copies each day. The first is among theoldest Italian newspapers, founded in Milan in 1876. The second is from ayounger century, founded in Rome in 1976 by a group of journalists from theweekly L’Espresso. La Stampa, owned by the Agnelli family, is based in Turin.


Il Resto del Carlino of Bologna, IlMessaggero of Rome, Il Mattino di Napoli, Il Giorno and Il Giornale di Milanodedicate several pages to local news. Some newspapers are official organs of political parties,such as L'Unit, which is nationally distributed. Finally, Il Sole 24 ore isone of the most important European economy newspapers, with many thousands ofcopies sold.


An Italian phenomenon is sportsnewspapers: La Gazzeta dello Sport, Il Corriere dello sport-Stadio andTuttoSport.


Many newspapers have inserts on various subjects, many are inblack and white and almost all of them also exist in electronic form on theInternet.


Unit 11 Un Concerto




Listen, would you like to go to the concert next Sunday?

At the "Concert of the Stars"? Are you kidding me?

No, on serious matters. Would you like to be there?

Of course I'd like to be there! Don't tell me you found thetickets!


What do you mean "almost", do you have them ordon't you have them? Because I know they went like hot cakes.

So let me explain: my friend, Carlo, works for the agencythat organizes the concert and has promised me two tickets.

How beautiful! Listen, could we find one for Silvia too? Heis crazy about Vasco Rossi but, unfortunately, he has not managed to get aticket.

No, this would be too much! I can't ask for another ticket!Even if he is a friend, he would send me to that country! And he would also beright! (??)

You can always try, right?

Yes, I could try, but I don't think it makes sense!

I, on the other hand, think that your friend could dosomething.


I do not know? ... You could give someone a gift, forexample.

What are you saying? A gift?! Do you know how much our twotickets will cost ?!

You're right, honey. Listen, would you mind not coming to theconcert? !!




The weather today is beautiful! What's now?

I would like to take a stroll downtown, take a look at theshop windows ... it's been a while since I did shopping.

I would prefer to take a trip. I would like to go to Assisiwhere I have never been to.

I would like to go to the beach. It's so hot ... What do yousay?

I would really like to stay in the city. In this fine weathereveryone will be on the highway. We could go and eat somewhere nice ...




Look, could you close the door, please?

Would you loan me your pen for a moment?

Could you come and get us around ten thirty?




Laura, I see you a little bit down. What's up?

In a couple of months we will be in the summer and maybe Ishould lose a few pounds.

In my opinion, you're okay. But if you really want to loseweight, why don't you start a diet?

I am always on a diet and without results.

I would sign up for a gym for you. A little areobics wouldhelp you.

Unfortunately I can not. My knee hurts since I fell skiing.

Maybe you should go to an orthopedist. Oppose you could swim,so you wouldn't have problems with your knee.

You're right, it's a good idea.




In my opinion, they should accept.

This watch should cost quite a bit.

According to witnesses, the thief is a man of about thirty.

According to the press, the strike would continue tomorrow.




At the end did you go to the concert yesterday or not?

I would have gone there, but ...

What happened?

So, I'll explain: I had found two tickets, we would have goneAngela and me(这儿没理解). But she didn't want to come without herfriend.

I mean, he said he wouldn't go to the concert with you ?!

No, worse: I told myself that he would rather go with Silvia!

And did it?

I don't know, he said they'd go together. Then we didn't heareach other again.

And now, what are you doing? Don't you want to solve thissituation? Breaking for a concert seems exaggerated to me.

I wanted to call her. But on the other hand, I also feeloffended.

Well, you're right. But explain one thing to me: whathappened to the tickets?

I would have kept them and invited you. But when Angela toldme she would go to the concert with Silvia, out of anger, I forgot them at herhouse!




Last night I was going out with you, but then I felt 【ITALIANO】一个操练意大利语白话的笨办法(下)sick.

I wanted to drink another coffee, but I was already late.

He would have married her right away, but he didn't have ajob yet.




I would have finished everything today, but it takes morework than expected.

We would liked to go to the cinema with them, but we are alittle tired.

Antonio is without money, otherwise he would have lent youthe sum you need.

I would have offered you another coffee, but it's justfinished.


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